Four Words That Can Change The Way We Live

Thought Catalog

“I love you” is a big one. “I’m sorry” is another. “I forgive you” is powerful for both the speaker and the recipient. But the phrase we need to use more often that can change the way we relate to others and the way we view the world has become unpopular:

“I need your help.”

Vulnerability is not prized within our society, especially male vulnerability. When we acknowledge our need for help, we go beyond just connecting with others; we reveal our needs and allow ourselves to receive. Why is this so hard? Why do we fight it?

It isn’t just our innate skills or strengths that help us survive and bounce back from difficult times; it’s also making the choice to reach out to others.

When we choose vulnerability, we open the doors of communication in a life changing way. It’s easy for most of us to give. It…

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