I’m 35 And I’m Glad I Don’t Have Kids Or A Husband

Thought Catalog

Confession: I am 35.

Is that really a confession? Is that what I mean to confess?

Maybe what I actually meant was:

Confession: I am 35 and not married and I don’t have kids and I’m not a publisher and I don’t own a big house or a car and I’m not where I always thought I would be at 35.

Yes, that sounds more like it.

Sometimes it feels like I’m being left behind.

I am the bridesmaid, standing at the altar in the pink satin dress and matching shoes that I’ll never wear again, heart cracking a little each time I’m not the one saying “I do.” Each time someone else is chosen “for better or worse.”

I am “Aunt” Katie, aunt in quotes because I’m really not the aunt, just the stand in, the title bestowed upon single friends who gaze wistfully at sleeping babies, and buy…

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I'm not as clever as I think I am.
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