The 10 Most Hilariously Stupid Criticisms People Make About 20 Somethings

Thought Catalog

1. “You shouldn’t have taken out all that debt.”

What even is this as a criticism? You go up to just about any 18-year-old and be like, “Hey, kid, look at these sweet-ass college brochures that promise jobs, status, opportunities, and four incredible years of hanging out with your peers and discovering yourself. All you have to do is sign this flaming contract and give up your soul.” There is not an 18-year-old alive who would make the rational, boring, smart-in-the-long term choice on that one. Maybe you could talk to their parents who were capable of understanding financial ramifications and reading fine print, and ask why they weren’t a little more hesitant about co-signing on that monstrosity. Yes, they shouldn’t have taken out all that debt, but there were enormous academic institutions and banks bearing down on their teenage minds with a bunch of pleasant lies about how great…

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