The Truth Is, Your Relationship Will Probably End

Thought Catalog

It’s funny how relationships always come to an end. It’s as if there is always an expiration date on these fervently-built romance. Not that I am generalizing all relationships don’t last. There are just factors that can be considered for me to be able to say that almost all love affairs go through a cycle or a routine.

It’s never unusual to see perfectly-looking couples spend most of their time cuddling and showing or expressing their amor fervidly. In fact, relationships always start there and believe me – it could be the best feeling in the world. To feel that somebody is there for you, somebody is head over heels for you. There are also times when you feel like its you and your partner against the world, against all odds. This is the initial stage of a relationship and you might have noticed that everything goes smooth-sailing from the…

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