Why I Hate Being A Blonde

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My mother is beautiful. Her one hundred percent German blood gifted her with an allure that is rare and tremendously special. She is a European beauty, dark brown almost black thick hair, piercing blue eyes, and bone structure that would make Kate Moss reel with envy. Her mother, my grandmother, is also a dark brunette. Although not as stunning, she still possesses that dark haired goddess quality that I so desire. Growing up, I was surrounded by dark haired beauties. For some unknown unfortunate twist of fate I was born a blonde. I always have been blonde and, although my hair has darkened a little, I still am that typical blonde, blue-eyed girl.

Yes I know that in today’s society blonde hair is valued. It’s why so many women chose to artificially create blonde locks by bleaching and destroying their hair. I should feel lucky, blessed even, that I don’t…

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I'm not as clever as I think I am.
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