10 Friendship Questions Every Girl Should Be Asking Themselves In Their 20s

Thought Catalog

1. Do your close friends have other girlfriends? At this stage in life every girl should have acquired a close group of girlfriends. It is always a red flag for me when a girl doesn’t have that. WHY?

2. Can you trust this person/are they honest with you? If you can’t trust a person there is no need to have them in your life. If your friend is texting your boyfriend more than you are, you have a serious problem. You want to be around people that have your back, not that are gossiping about you to any insecure girl that will listen.

3. What kind of girlfriend is your friend? Is she clingy type that will ditch you as soon as she gets a boyfriend and then want to cry on your shoulder when the douche bag dumps her two months later? That is not a good look.


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