10 Things I Love About Women

Thought Catalog

Men out there love a lot of different things about women. Yes, there are your typical attributes, like a nice set of hooters, pretty eyes, or a little junk in the trunk, but this list is more of a featurette of less commonly spotted, yet completely sexy characteristics about girls/women that I, the Space Cowboy, find to be devastatingly attractive. So, without any more rambling jibber jabber, here we go!

1. I love the way you ladies run across the street in heels when you’re trying to beat the blinking stop hand. It’s like a half-run, half-walk clippity clop that just makes you look hilariously adorable. Bonus points when you’re in a dress and it’s fluttering behind you as you scamper.

2. Not all of them are sexy, but a girl with a slightly raspy voice just gets my blood pumping.

3. A girl who rocks a baseball cap and…

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