10 Thoughts I Have While Packing To Move To New York (From Paris)

Thought Catalog

1. It always feels like saying goodbye to people is a living, breathing thing. The conversations you have where everything is urgent and final (and you say the things that are important and bittersweet) are too heavy to leave sitting on their own, bookending the time you spent together. You almost have to lighten it all with another coffee, another lunch, another couple of drinks on a terrace so everything can be regular and normal and not-sad again. No one ever wants to hug and cry and say those real, hard goodbyes. Maybe they make you feel a little better when you actually get on the plane — as though you have placed something in its final resting spot — but they always feel like they are going to kill you in the moment, like your heart is going to burst.

2. The amount of shit that we accumulate is…

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