21 Reasons Why Blink-182 Is Still (And Will Always Be) Awesome

Thought Catalog

Blink-182 was formed in 1992. This means they are 21 years old. This means the all the angst and debauchery is metaphorically of legal drinking age. This means we must properly celebrate:

1. The versatility will forever be unmatched–great for emotive reflecting, reckless partying, and everything in between.

2. The intro to Carousel will always help you power through your last mile.

3. If you’re at an awkward social event, turn on Blink and everyone will have something to instantly relate to. Blink-182 = party hookup magic.

4. They’ve got endless “time capsule” songs–songs that will remind you of specific times in your life, and enable you to reflect with satisfaction.

5. Drunkenly singing Adam’s Song at a Karaoke bar is about 100x more fun than it sounds, and should really be the climactic, tear-shedding scene of a triumphant coming of age movie.

6.Via Yahoo! Answers: Because they don’t…

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