22 Things You Can No Longer Get Away With Once You Graduate College

Thought Catalog

1. Wearing a backpack. Unless you do you parkour in your spare time, and/or want people to assume you deal weed.

2. Getting legitimately excited about the age you’re about to turn.

3. Dating someone for 2-3 years simply out of comfort/routine, with no expectation for a life together.

4. Putting off the cavernous hollow that is student loans. Though this is pretty cliche for a list like this, so we’ll tweak it a bit…

4a. Putting off the cavernous hollow that is the eternal dread of accepting that fact that your weird friend is gonna get married before you.

5. The duck face.

6. Taking a mental health day for no good reason other than that you totally deserve it, without any sort of work-related repercussions. Nowadays, #smartphones mean you’re also probably working from home.

7. Devoting an entire two week stretch in February to following the triumphs and…

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