5 Great Pointers To Having Less Anxiety

Thought Catalog

Anybody who claims to know the source to endless happiness is a clown. If you’re a sensitive, thoughtful person, you should have discovered by now that pure happiness is sort of unrealistic. You will feel regret, sadness and anxiety, regardless of what you achieve or accomplish. This is natural, and I think the key is to learn how to cope with it, not long to dismantle it.

That said, here are a handful of pointers that I hope will allow you to curtail anxiety stemming from things that are not natural, and do not need to be there.

1. Have good sheets on your bed.

For the longest time, I slept on these sheets that were made of this thick, rough cotton that were always so hot. Any side I turned, any angle I tried, I started sweating. It was as if my body absorbed all the heat like black…

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