5 Things That Were Reaffirmed By Going To College

Thought Catalog

1. People are annoying.

And they’re everywhere. Literally, EVERYWHERE. If you thought high school hallways were crowded then clearly you have not felt the wrath of obnoxious 20-somethings being all up in your face. In the library. In lecture. In the bathroom. In bars. In your dorm room/student house. And even online. You’ll notice how many Facebook friends you’ll rack up over the years. (Don’t worry, you’ll come to your senses soon enough and delete the unnecessary ones).

2. Not everyone is the same.

You are exposed to people from various cultures and ethnicities throughout your undergraduate career, some of which you probably thought didn’t even exist on your end of the world. It’s like a whole new dimension. Not only that but you’ll learn that there are a lot of weirdos out there too. Don’t assume everyone is normal and mentally stable, because that cute old lady on the…

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