6 Things Women Want Men To Know

Thought Catalog

1. Chivalry may be dead, but respect certainly isn’t.

The concept of chivalry is rooted in ideas that people, but women especially, may not be comfortable with, but being thoughtful and courteous toward someone you are dating (or people in general, really) is one of the most appealing things you can do. On that note, respect and honesty will get you farther than anything else.

2. Your manhood is never an excuse.

Respecting people is far more important than being seen as “strong.” Nobody is impressed by your excessive display of how fearless and invulnerable you are, because it’s more or less a ploy to convince yourself and the rest of the world that you are a “man.” There were once days where “boys will be boys!” flew as an excuse but they’re coming to a close.

3. The world will tell you that you need to “man up” at times…

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