7 Ways Manners Are Disappearing From Our Society

Thought Catalog

1. The overwhelming and seemingly universal ability to say things to people that you wouldn’t have the balls to say to their face

Sure, this can be a good thing, like when you bond with a person over the Internet because it seems like a safe zone relative to the physical world. But when it causes people to be rude, hurtful, and cruel, it’s failing us. Louis C.K. talks about this in that great clip from his most recent visit to Conan. He says that it’s our inability to see someone’s physical reaction when we’re writing online that makes us so much more willing to say hurtful things. Online, many more people can become bullies than would become bullies in real life.

2. Not answering emails when a response is required or, at the very least, courteous

For example, responding “Thanks anyway,” when you ask someone to do something…

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