One Syrian Appeals to the World for Help

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Domestically, it’s been easy to lose the human factor in the media’s reporting of the Syrian civil war. Last night, President Obama gave a somewhat confusing speech, understandable given the change in circumstances, regarding the road ahead for Syria and the possible disarmament of that country’s chemical weapons program. The phrase “trust but verify” has been used often enough that you’d think Reagan himself had risen from the grave. There’s also the political component both in this country and around the world. How would such a disarmament plan proceed? How could it be done? Who would do it? But, if you’re a member of the Syrian Free Army or simply a Syrian man who opposes Assad’s totalitarian rule the way ahead is much simpler.

Here in Syria, there is a regime that has been killing its subjects with impunity for the last 30 months. The notion that there is…

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