11 Common Places That Always Inspire Creativity

Thought Catalog

Inspiration doesn’t usually come like lightning. For inspitation to hit you, you have to find yourself in the right circumstances — and in the process of creating. So create whatever. A lot is going to be garbage, but if you don’t create the bad, you’ll never create the good. Even the most fantastic artists have wastepaper baskets full of ideas.

Now, I’ve never been a believer in the starving artist or that you have to be in real miserable shape to create something of value, but there are certainly situations that lend themselves best to the creative process. In fact, great ideas are akin to ghosts: they’re somewhat formed and floating around you, but it takes a certain state of mind to be able to see them. Getting into that mentality isn’t always easy, so finding places that shake up your emotions and shift your perspective can make a world…

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