11 Signs Your “Friend” Is Toxic

Thought Catalog

1. You get really stressed out about what you’re going to wear around them.

You have planned and rejected outfits multiple times before going to a simple brunch or coffee date and, even though you would never admit it, might have even bought a new item of clothing just to look perfectly fashionable and put-together for a night out. And the weird thing is, no matter how much time or effort you’ve put into crafting the perfect look, you never actually feel attractive or stylish. You just feel like an idiot.

2. You heavily edit your personality when you’re around them.

There is the version of you who is completely natural, happy, and full of the kind of lame jokes that only your real friends actually enjoy. Then there is the version when you are with your toxic friend, which is basically The Real You minus all of the things…

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