13 Everyday Myths You Won’t Believe Aren’t True

Thought Catalog

1. If you swallow chewing gum, it will stay in your stomach for seven years.

Old wives’ tales are a cauldron of lies, and this is one of the biggest of them all. Your stomach is engineered by decades of evolution to digest an astounding amount of things, which is why you have a giant pool of acid sitting inside you. While it’s true that gum isn’t easy for your stomach to digest, because it’s not food, it’s not going to hang around in there that far past its welcome. It’s not Ashton Kutcher. Your gum will inevitably be digested, and you’ll poop it right out along with all that pizza you ate. It’s the miracle of nature.

2. Carrots improve your vision.

This myth is a product of WWII propaganda, when the British army claimed that the reason its soldiers had such great night vision was that they ate…

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