20 Little Quirks People Love About Their Significant Others

Thought Catalog

The best thing about being in a relationship with someone are all those little things they do that drive you absolutely WILD. You know, the little things they can’t help, things they would do if you were around or not, like singing in the shower as if their life depended on it or walking around naked with their underwear hanging off their junk. We’re all adults, but sometimes we’re kids who never really grew up. Here are 20 little adorable quirks that people love about their significant others. Feel free to leave your adorableness in the comments!

1. Sexcomb

The way she tells bedtime stories to our son. Sometimes I secretly listen to them and enjoy the fairy tales.

2. Crazylittlebitch

His accent. I try to get him to say “pajamas” all the time because it comes out as “pee-yamas”

3. Sgpope

She sticks her tongue out while concentrating. Particularly…

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