36 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do

Thought Catalog

1. Tell your partner exactly what you like in the bedroom without feeling ashamed, embarrassed or guilty.

2. Stand up for yourself in relationships/work/family settings, especially if you’re being picked on or abused in some way.

3. Ask your employer for a raise — given, of course, that you really deserve one.

4. Know how to tell someone you have a huge crush on them. Learn how to accept it and move on feelings-wise if they don’t feel the same way.

5. Change the subject, especially if you’re talking to somebody lame and the convo seems to be going nowhere.

6. Speaking of which, you also should know the proper way to get OUT of conversations. We have all been in a situation where there’s a group convo going on and you’re just not feeling it anymore and you want to excuse yourself without being rude. Doing this is an…

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