4 Huge Differences Between An 18 Year-Old In A Bar And A 25 Year-Old In A Bar

Thought Catalog

To say we change a lot from eighteen to twenty-five seems like an understatement.  Over those seven years we go through crisis and we can end up completely different people as a result.  We’ll come to terms with some of the world’s realities  and start to carve a path for better or for worse.  However, and most importantly above all other issues, how do we change in what we look for in a bar as we close in on the quarter-century mark?

1. ID Leniency

At eighteen, you know the places where all it takes to get served is essentially the equivalent of a piece of paper with “My kickass kid is totes twenty-one and can legally drink.  Sincerely, My Mom” scrawled on it.  Given, these locales will have their share of flaws—the ideal bars don’t typically have the vomit-encrusted bathroom grout, the coat rooms that double as boiler rooms…

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