5 Guys Who Are Nothing But Bad For You

Thought Catalog

1. The married one

Speaking from a rather scarring (or jarring) emotional experience, nothing good comes from this. I like many other young attractive females, get hit on fairly frequently and most of the time that’s great. Isn’t that why I bought that new shirt or that sexier than normal dress for girl’s night out? Yes, yes it is. But when a married man comes on to you it’s different. Sure, in the beginning it seems indescribable, exciting, secretive, and naughty. All those words that truly make having an affair with someone fun. But it’s just that, an affair, a.k.a. adulterous triangle of lies. And unless you really are looking for that scarlet letter on your reputation you better just nip that in the bud. Harmless flirtations for free drinks at the bar are one thing; ending up drunk with your pants around your ankles in a dirty Laundromat at…

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