5 Reasons It’s Better To Have A BFF Of The Opposite Gender

Thought Catalog

Contrary to some people’s beliefs, “let’s get coffee” doesn’t always translate to “let’s make babies.” Yet, ever since Harry threw up his arms and proclaimed, “the sex part always gets in the way” in When Harry Met Sally, the idea that a heterosexual man and woman could somehow want nothing more than friendship from each other still strikes people as a little odd.

Friendship, though, is not just the basis of a strong relationships, it’s also a type of relationship worth pursuing in and of itself. Even if a friendship begins to teeter into non-platonic terms — if you try hooking up or pull a Ross and Rachel in Friends and try to make it romantically serious — friendships can sometimes be strengthened by these failed attempts. It doesn’t mean you’re not real friends just because you’ve also entertained the idea of taking the relationship to another level.

The notion…

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