5 Roundabout Ways To Be A Better Person Today

Thought Catalog

When we’re in pain or feeling like total shit about ourselves (which seems like 6.3 days out of the week lately for some of us – can I get an “amen”?), we tend to project or displace these feelings onto those around us. Without making a conscious effort to mitigate such destructive defense mechanisms, you can quickly transform into a brow-furrowed hunchback who sits in the corner of the bar making snide comments about anything and anyone that catches your eye. So if first channeling your inner Gandhi fails, try these things to soften your ever-hardening heart from the increasingly easy-to-hate-on world around you:

1. Stop Judging your Friends for Getting Married or Having Babies

I’m not a hater, nor do I wish to propagate hate, but isn’t this just the worst?

Facebook is increasingly inundated by photos of ivory gowns and binkies and the fun-loving people you used to…

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