6 Reasons Why Listicles Will Not End Western Civilization

Thought Catalog

For a more humorous approach, try Tao Lin’s Top 10 Reasons You Should Read This Article.

1. People like lists

Let’s consider nutrition in America. The healthiest foods for you are vegetables and lean proteins (says my dietician, at least). What do we actually eat? Sugar and carbs. There are billions of dollars being made helping people eat more nutritiously while giving them the kind of tastes they like. People do not choose what is healthiest for them, they choose what they like and pay people to add nutrition in the back end.

If people think it’s terrible that people don’t just will-power themselves into eating healthy without making the diet more palatable, they can follow their own advice. It doesn’t harm them for others to do what works for them.

What is the healthiest kind of content to read? If we look at online reading as something we…

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