8 Reasons To Be Happy You Graduated College

Thought Catalog

Pull it together, recent graduates. These past few weeks, it is safe to assume most of us have gone on an “unfollowing frenzy” upon seeing our peers recent twitter and instagram posts. The most common ones contain our younger sorority/fraternity members, cradling beers in scantily clad and outrageous attire, with the caption, “We’reeee baacckkk!” Talk about a shot to the heart. These images are a painful reminder that our lives will never be as carefree or downright ridiculous as they were the prior four years; and that truth hurts. However if we all get a grip, we can all see that there are in fact benefits to post-graduate life. And it is our duty to embrace them! Our sanity depends on it.

1. Better Bar Scene

Most of us experienced our first taste of the bar scene during our time in college. Girls disregarded the obvious “casual” nature of the…

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