9 Things Everyone Should Know About Sex

Thought Catalog

For beginners (mostly).

1. If you have a doctor who shames you about your sexuality, get a new doctor.

Gynecologists (and doctors in general) should be caring for you, empowering you, and educating you on how to live a healthy sexual life. They should be offering support if you find yourself in a shitty position, and they should help you understand what said shitty position means in terms of your health. What they shouldn’t be doing is reinforcing the tried-and-untrue idea that you should be ashamed of your body and what you do with it. A doctor who shames their patient instead of educating them automatically closes a door on communication — not just between doctor and patient, but between patient and future sex partners. Which means more infections, more unwanted pregnancies, more psychological damage, and more misinformed decisions. If your doctor can’t look you in the eye and tell…

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