The 15 Less Noticeable Signs That You’re Becoming A Mature Adult

Thought Catalog

1. You’ve been buying lame things and getting excited about it.

More often than concert tickets or videogames, you enthusiastically purchase boring, cliché adult stuff like a toaster or a shower rod or Tums or light bulbs. Things that you feel a sense of accomplishment for finally buying and owning, but no immediate fun or pleasure à la Macbook Pros or a trip to Vegas. Still, you can find comfort and take pride in the fact that your silverware separator ensures forks and spoons won’t be mingling with butter knives, so there’s that.

2. Having very specific favorite versions of cleaning products.

Disappointment is the moment you realize just how genuinely excited you are about Woolite Extra Care being on sale so you can make your darks darker. Why don’t I care about 2-for-1s at the bar and raging this weekend? Why don’t I want to know who is performing…

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