24 WTF Anonymous Confessions From Strangers

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A collection of 24 anonymous confessions from r/Confession. Read 50 WTF Confessions here and 30 WTF confessions here.

1. throwuhweighakkt

Witnessed mugging

I’m about 6 feet away from them.

Both are fighting.

Scared people look to me, only man in radius, to stop it

Struggle continues

Man takes object and fatally wounds mugger

I stand there and watch this guy die in front of me. I saw his last breath. I didn’t go up and help him. I didn’t even call 911. I just stood there and watched as everyone but me and him ran away.

I played God that day. I refused to intervene. It haunts me thinking this man had family. A son, a daughter, a mother, a friend. I know he was committing a crime, but I could’ve intervened. Everyone around me wanted me to. I repressed the memory so long I forgot it. But…

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