25 Little-Known Facts About Mean Girls

Thought Catalog

1. Janis Ian is the name of a real-life singer and songwriter, who memorably wrote the song “At Seventeen.” (If you’ve ever been to a lesbian karaoke bar, someone will sing that song.) This song plays in the background during a fight at Regina’s house. The Janis Ian name-drop is a reference to the fact that Ian was the first-ever musical guest on SNL and an out lesbian in real life.

2. Also, Janis mentions toward the end of the film that she’s “Lebanese.” This is probably why “lesbian” rumors spread about her during middle school, when eighth graders didn’t know the difference between the two words. This is why you should pay attention during Geography class, kids.

3. Last lesbian fact: Although Lizzy Caplan doesn’t get to be a lesbian in this film, Caplan came with previous lesbian thespian experience. In the TV show Once and Again, she…

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