30 WTF Confessions From 29 Strangers

Thought Catalog

Confessing usually takes a huge weight off your shoulders and heart. And sometimes, you just can’t keep it to yourself any longer. Here’s a collection of 30 confessions from r/Confessions.

1. FML1203

I was repeatedly raped by my wife.

I’m ashamed that my wife raped me quite often. I sleep with a CRAP, and all to often I would wake up with her holding a pillow over my head, I could breathe because of the mask, and she would be using my sleep erection to get herself off. At first I would struggle and fight it, she outweighed me by 75lbs and was strong as fuck too. But she seemed to enjoy the struggle, so after a while I would just lay there and let her finish. I feel so empty and angry, I no longer trust women.

We have been divorced now for 3 years. I am alone…

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