39 People On ‘What Is The Craziest Sex Act You’ve Participated In’

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First time I dropped acid I experienced pretty severe synesthesia. Music itself was making me feel like I was orgasming. My wife decided to take advantage of this, laid me down and gave me the most passionate BJ and sex in existence.

What was crazy about this was that as we were having sex I felt that her vagina was a space vortex and her cervix turned into meteors continually hitting my dick. On top of that real squirt was flying everywhere as she was cumming like crazy, but to me it would just hang in mid air and glisten and eventually formed into a giant shining ball of pleasure on the ceiling (yes, it was squirting that far…we have 12′ ceilings). I was also narrating everything that was going on and trying to describe what I was feeling the entire time.

We did this twice that night…one…

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