5 Women You Can Stop Glorifying Now

Thought Catalog

Everyone loves that quirky femme fatale from (insert John Green novel/indie film here).

You freeze-frame the DVD to get a closer look at the vintage outfit she supposedly had laying around. You chant her monologues to herself in the hopes that her quirkiness, her cryptic one-liners and distressed combat boots, will soak into your pores overnight like the personality equivalent of Neutrogena.

Can anyone tell? Absolutely.

1. Alaska Young

The wet dream of every bookworm with a penis. And, really, what’s not to love? She makes candle volcanoes. She drinks wine – and she’s not supposed to! Being drop-dead gorgeous, Alaska disapproves of makeup; being skinny but somehow large-chested, she’s a feminist to boot.

Because John Green’s put so many death-flirtatious words in her mouth, you’ve forgotten that Alaska is…well, ‘popular.’ She’s a rule-breaking social butterfly, and throughout the novel she does her very best to protect this title. Imagine…

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