10 Mistakes I’ve Made While Drunk

Thought Catalog

I wish I could say coming up with this list was hard, but it wasn’t. All it took was a quick peruse through my Facebook photos to resurface those deeply repressed memories. I did this for you. As Drake would say, you can thank me later.

Texting my Dad

Funny story. And by funny I mean deeply scarring. On my 21st birthday I had one too many sake bombs. I remember nothing of the night, but I did wake up the next morning to find a little present for me in my text outbox. It was a text that I had sent my dad at 1am reading, “Yo. Come to Sessions. 73rd and 1st. Do it.”

Not eating enough

Drinking on an empty stomach is never worth it. Not only does it not feel good, but YOU will not feel good too, come sunrise. Last time…

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