21 Signs You Love Drinking, But Actually Hate Drinking

Thought Catalog

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1. Sometimes, you fear you’ll end up becoming an alcoholic. Then you go out. And suddenly, that fear is gone for weeks.

2. You’ve had a sore throat for the last four years.

3. There are few things better than Saturday autumn day-drinking. There are few things worse than waking up from that nap at 10 15 pm, the night completely “shot”. Why must you do this to yourself every week?

4. At times, it’s like you can feel your liver rotting inside you.

5. Many a night out, you’ll approach drinking with the stubbornness of a six-year old who doesn’t want to go to Church. But then the third drink in, some sort of switch gets flipped and you’re in this more than anyone at the pregame.

6. About 81% of the time, the sight and smell of alcohol sickens you.

7. There are few better feelings than that early…

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