26 People Share Their Office Horror Stories

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1. Costner_Facts

I have tons of stories from my old job. I worked at a tax office. We would hire extra help during tax season. This one guy didn’t sit right with me, he gave me the creeps. He would take the bathroom key (it was an office complex, with bathrooms outside our office) and be gone for way over an hour. This happened every day.
Well, one evening when I was out of the office, police came in and escorted him out in handcuffs. No one had any idea why, until I was working out the next morning, and saw his mugshot on the news (I almost fell off my elliptical machine). He was arrested for molesting his daughter’s mentally challenged friend (age 14). He would leave work every day to go do that. 😦

2. sucrerey

Guy texted his girlfriend, (one of our coworkers,) to…

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