32 Things Black Girls Like

Thought Catalog

           ….Because contrary to popular belief, Black Girls are not natural-born angry, bitter, bitchface-struggling beings, we actually like things too. Also, while it has been amusing to sit on the sidelines of this week’s White Girls war on TC, I thought I’d remind everyone Black women exist and can speak for themselves (and every single Black person on earth too). Because obviously this list is Gospel truth and is meant to be taken as such.

1. Weaves that are on point.

2. Braids that are on point.

3. Natural hair: Talking about their journey to natural hair, considering going natural, or saying how they would never go natural.

4. “Good hair.”

5. Talking about hair in general, and our hair-related struggles that have involved blood, sweat, and tears since we were kids.

6. The Color Purple.

7. When almost any Black person is competing against people of other races

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