37 Reasons Why Our Girlfriends Are Actually Our Soulmates

Thought Catalog

1. She will always be there to listen to you (no matter for how long!)

2. She will reply to your texts/emails in a timely fashion and not have some lame ass excuse why she didn’t “get the message”

3. She understands your shopping, shoe, color coordinated closet loving self

4. She will give you hugs just because

5. You can share clothes, shoes, accessories and purses

6. If you cry; she probably will too

7. You can be the happiest, saddest or angriest person around her and she will love you just the same

8. No matter how much time goes on in between talking or seeing each other; you can pick up right where you left off

9. You never question her motives

10. She will tell you when you’re being a biatch

11. If she doesn’t like the guy you’re dating – you probably shouldn’t either (she sees…

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