5 Greatest Things About Chain Restaurants

Thought Catalog

As a college educated 20-something I realize I’m supposed to shun chain restaurants, only support local or one of a kind places, and be really, really into small plates and menu items that contain words like “organic,” “locally grown,” “fair-trade,” and the like. I enjoy and support those types of restaurants when I can but I’m going keep it real for a moment: I love chain restaurants. I LOVE THEM. I ❤ ❤ them. They are the wind beneath my wings. They are #myeverything. And don’t you even dare sit there on your high horse pretending like you don’t go to Olive Garden once a month for some soup and breadsticks or that never ending precious pasta bowl. I see you.

1. Free bread

Dat bread, tho. Olive Garden. Red Lobster. Outback. Texas Roadhouse. These are just a few places that offer free bread before your meal comes and I…

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