5 Ways You Should Never Break Up With Someone

Thought Catalog

Being dumped is the worst. Rejection of any kind is terrible, even when it’s from a job you don’t like, or by someone you weren’t that into in the first place. (What?! You’re dumping ME? You wear pajama pants in public and you’re dumping me?!)

I’m gonna put myself out there by saying that over the best 15 years, I have been dumped a lot. While I’ve always been the one to end my more serious relationships (cough, commitmentphobe), I’m almost always the one who gets booted when it’s casual. Not sure what that’s all about.

Sometimes it’s really hard to come out and say “Thanks but no thanks, I just don’t like you.” It’s uncomfortable, and if you’re on the receiving end, it really effing stings. But what stings more is receiving an absurd, wimpy excuse with a subtext that clearly reads “Thanks but no thanks, I just don’t…

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