50 Haunting, Unexplainable Incidents Retold By People From The Internet

Thought Catalog

Just remember. Any of these can happen to you. Found on r/AskReddit.

1. Cid420

About ten years ago I were on my friend’s back porch having a smoke (completely sober), when we heard what sounded like all the dogs to the left of us going crazy; not just a few, and not just a little bit of barking. It sounded as if every dog down the left side of the street was going mad; lots growling and ferocious barking that was much louder than I’ve ever heard the dogs around here before (now I’m no expert but I have lived in this area my entire life, and it was definitely unusual).

After a few minutes of this chaos it mostly stops and almost fully returns to the silence there was before it started, minus a couple dogs still raging. Then this, misty…transparent…cloudish…shape starts to float past the back of…

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