55 Famous Movies With Hilarious Working Titles You Won’t Believe Are Real

Thought Catalog

Did you know that Annie Hall was almost called It Had to Be Jew? Before it got the name we now know it by, the film was also titled Anhedonia, among many others, and many other movies have gone through a number of working titles before release.

This happens for a number of reasons. Movies like The Switch and The To-Do List originally started out with more daring titles that got switched when they went into production (like #32). Could you imagine The Baster or The Hand Job coming to a theatre new you?

Sometimes the studio just used the title as placeholder, before they came up with something else. Often the title comes from the source material — like Field of Dreams‘ original title, Shoeless Joe. Otherwise studios use working titles to throw off fanboys, which is why Captain America was called Frostbite in pre-production…

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