6 Reasons You Need To Go See ‘Gravity’ This Weekend

Thought Catalog

1. Gravity reminds us why we go to the movies.

Some movies you can easily watch at home on your iPod, as you stream whatever movies Neftlix has decided to make available for you. Don’t wait until video, because you’re going to muss out. Gravity demands to be seen in the theatre — on the biggest screen you can possibly find. Grab your 3D goggles and sit as close to the screen as comfort allows. This is a once-in-a-lifetime visual feast, the perfect fusion of art and technology in which the punishingly brilliant cinematography becomes a force of it’s own. The packed theatre I saw Gravity with barely moved, entranced by the power of cinema to stun us, thrill us and transcend our imaginations. Whatever you think you’re expecting from Gravity, the result is even better.

2. This is the future of film.

Cuaron worked closely with NASA to…

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