7 Beauty Expectations That Make It Way Too Expensive To Be A Woman

Thought Catalog

1. Progressively more intense forms of hair removal.

First it was shaving, and that was manageable. But then they wanted more of the actual hair shaved, and that necessitated a fancy-ass razor whose blade refills are somehow more expensive than the initial razor itself. But then it was about waxing, and that’s a real investment (both financially and emotionally, if you are not the type to make light conversation with a strange woman as she unceremoniously rips hair from your grundle). And now it’s like, just go to a doctor’s office and get them to take it all off FOREVER with what I can only assume is the same laser they use to fix your vision. It’s all too much, especially considering it’s only a matter of time before the hairy 70s European porn look comes back and everyone’s gonna want you to scotch tape back all the hair you…

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