7 Pokemon On Being In A Pokeball

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I had the drunken pleasure of imagining myself interviewing random Pokemon about living in Pokeballs — because, let’s be honest, we’ve all wondered about what it’s like to be in a Pokeball. Don’t fucking lie to me; you did.

1. Pikachu

Pika! Pika-pi! Pikachu! Haha, I’m just fucking with you. You wanted this interview right? Yeah, about living in a pokeball. Well, what do you want to know? How it feels to be in a Pokeball? Well, first of all, it’s my house. I live there, I shit there, I sleep there, yeah, I shit in it. Don’t you know we’re living creatures too? I eat, therefore I poop. Simple biology. My walls are decorated with drawings of what I think of my family to be. When I was caught — yes, an evil man named Professor Oak captured me just outside Pallet Town. I was out enjoying a walk…

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