My 9 Awkward First Times

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The majority of my sexual experiences have been awkward. Not traumatic “Show-me-where-he touched-you” awkward, but like “Wow, did-that-really-just-happen?” kind of awkward.

First, a little background of my upbringing. I was raised in a moderately conservative Christian household. I attended a private Christian school and signed a “virginity pledge” when I was 13 (a lot of good that did.) I never had “the talk”. The most sex education I ever had was in the 5th grade when my teachers told us “The sperm meets the egg and a baby is made, but only if you’re married.” I left my sheltered world of chastity and innocence after I graduated 8th grade and transferred to the wild world of public high school. I was self-taught sex, and damn, I learned a lot.

1. The first time I ever touched a penis

I was 15. I was in the backseat of my mom’s Suburban…

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