The 15 Most Self-Sabotaging Things People Do In Their 20s

Thought Catalog

1. Keep themselves on pause– sustain the belief that their 20s are a period of development making way for something more significant. Because our 20s are characterized as time for self-discovery, something many people like to avoid, they’re often regarded as times of temporary instability when really, that idea is just another way to avoid having to accept reality in the here and now.

2. Stay safely inside a lie rather than be vulnerable but honest and authentic.

3. Deny themselves relationships because they deem something more important than love or stay in relationships that are futile, knowingly temporary or that they settled for.

4. Deny themselves the help they need because they fear therapy has a stigma or they’re hard-headed enough to think that they can work everything out on their own or continually adhere to whatever hardened beliefs they have while becoming strikingly aware that there is something…

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