The Top 10 Nice Things To Say About An Ugly Baby

Thought Catalog

It’s estimated around one-hundred and thirty-four million babies will be born in 2013. Of that one-hundred and thirty-four million, some of those babies are gonna be ugly. That’s not me saying that, that’s just the math. Now, if you’re in college you may not know what I mean, if you’re in your mid-twenties you may be seeing the first ones, but by the time you’re in your late-twenties you’ve seen enough to know there are some ugly babies out there. What? There are. By the time you turn thirty, your Facebook feed is so full of baby photos you can pretty accurately guess how old any kid is at first glance. Social media is making us more fully aware of the life cycle. We see it all now from the womb to the tomb. Whether you have one or not, by your late twenties babies enter your life full force…

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