What Nobody Wanted To Tell Me About My Life After I Lost My Memory At 24

Thought Catalog

When I was 24 years old, I was in a debilitating car accident that killed all of the other passengers and left me with severe brain damage and memory loss. The deaths of those who were in the car with me, my mother and sister, aren’t difficult to talk about, because I don’t remember them. I’ll have instances of feeling something when I look at an old picture or someone tells me a story, but other than that, I’m empty. I became a fresh slate. I had a chance that I can’t help but wonder if other people would want: to be completely wiped of all the memory of their suffering. Because isn’t that what suffering is? To hold on and torture ourselves with what’s out of our control?

My memory came back in bits and pieces, but there are still huge parts of my life that are missing. Huge…

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