10 Everyday Issues Only Femme Lesbians Will Understand

Thought Catalog

1. The “you’re too pretty to be gay!” Actually, I’ve gotten the following: “but you look so normal! And you’ve dated guys! This is just a phase sweetheart don’t worry you’ll be okay after it passes.”

2. Having everybody just assume they know what your sexuality is because of what you look like. So you essentially have to come out every other day to every other person you meet. As if the process of coming out isn’t painful enough, let’s have to live through it again and again and again.

3. If you aren’t really forward about your sexuality, you become a “wallflower femme.” I have actually been called this on numerous occasions at this point.

4. As hard as this one is to believe, people actually question or doubt your sincerity. They think you’re just looking to have more sex as bisexuals are often accused of or I don’t…

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